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Those who can handle having their zine printed on newsprint love the Sarasota-based Co-op.

Dan Halligan:
I just got my new issue back, the first I have done at the Small Publishers Co-op. It turned out great, it took slightly longer than I expected, but other than that I am totally happy. Even with shipping costs UPS from Florida to Washington, they were cheaper than the cheapest local printer I could find, I did 800 more issues for about the price I paid here. -dan

Dr. Shroud:
I also am a member of the Small Publishers Co-Op. My comic was printed there and I am TOTALLY satisfied with the results. If you are small press with an okay budget, become a member. Believe me, you won't regret it. They also have a way to help you distribute your book for FREE, members only, of course. Membership, I think, is about 20 bucks. I printed 1000 copies, newsprint, B&W, standard 7 x 10.75 size, 32 page self-cover. The print job is great.

I've been hearing and reading quite a bit about the Small Publisher's Co-Op. Anybody here use them, and can tell me if it's worth it? The whole deal sounds pretty sweet....too good to be true?

Michael Dittman:
I've posted this before but...I use them for Global Mail and some other projects and the only printing problems I've had were caused by me.

Jeff Mason:
These guys deliver the goods. I've only heard good stuff about them. They are:
Small Publisher's Co-Op
2579 Clematis St. Sarasota, FL 34239.
Phone: 941-922-0844.

Michael Dittman:
I would add, since I just talked to Scott this afternoon, that they had to switch printers (no more flagrant nudies), newsprint prices went up, and they can no longer do 500 print runs, 1000 is now the minimum. My Global Mail run went up aboput $100, even though I'm doing 500 less. He said they should have a new price list and press date schedule out soon.

Mike Corman:
I swear by the Co-Op... Scott does an excellent job!

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