Some people say that all the conversations on alt.zines are pointless infighting. In actuality, though, such arguments are only about half the conversations on alt.zines. The rest of the time, the group can be very entertaining and informative, as proven by these treasured conversations from months past:

Specific Distros, Stores and Mail-Orders
See Hear: No Payment, Pee Smell, Selling Samples
Tower Records: Getting In, Zines Carried

Specific Printers and Copyshops
Kinko's Copies: Leftover Cards, Counter Scams, Colors
Business Depot/Staples: Cheap
Small Press Publisher's Co-Op: Rave Reviews

Specific Zines
Factsheet 5: NAMBLA Ads, Censored Reviews, Changes, Cover Scans
Negative Capability: Too mean?
Travelling Shoes: Quintessential travel zine
Broken Pencil: Canadian bias, bad points, good points
Loud Paper: Architecture made lively

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