Listing everyone who ever posted to alt.zines would simply be too much of a chore, so this list includes only those who have participated in 10 or more on-topic threads in the past year. People who only post to plug their wares don't count. It's an arbitrary definition of regular, sure, but it should be functional. (Please complain if you've been unrighteously excluded.)

Denizens are listed by their normal names. Nicknames are in brackets.

Jim Hogshire, Debbie Goad, Jim Goad and Sky Ryan aren't listed, since they're just temporarily stopping by to have their personal squabbles in public, not to actually use the newsgroup.

Austin Hodgens (aka MdrnPhil): Lover of silliness and self-promotion. Publisher of webzine turned real zine What If: The Magazine of the Modern Philosopher.

Cali Macvayia: East-west culture exchanger with a bizarre sense of humor and a porn star name. Publisher of Delusions of Grandeur.

Carter Cullen (aka Cullen): Doesn't post much. Publisher of My Moon or More.

Dan Rhatigan (aka Sparky): Design-minded webmaster of the Rumpus Room and maintainer of the zine publishers index.

Dan Halligan: Anarchist librarian with strong feelings on punk and ISSNs. Publisher of 10 Things Jesus Wants You to Know.

Don Fitch: Long-time zinester from the SF fanzine tradition who makes up for the rarity of his posts with impressive detail.

Jason Adams: Offers short and sweet posts occasionally. Publisher of 1000 Interlocking Pieces.

James Wallace (aka Ween): Frequent poster about this, that and everything. Publisher of Left of Centre. On sabbatical.

Jeff Potter: alt.zines' very talkative resident philosopher. So far, none of us have ever understood anything he has said, but he seems to mean well. Publisher of Out Your Backdoor.

Joel McClemore (aka Pdelusion): Fan of perzines and hate literature. Publisher of Popular Delusion.

Josh Saitz: Ranter with an attitude (and a forbidden love for stuffed animals). Publisher of Negative Capability.

JP Brastad (aka TrpidLiver): Lover of alcohol, hater of volvos. Publisher of Torpid Liver.

Karl Thomsen: Manitoban comic authority. Publisher of Sunburn and maintainer of the Zine Review Zines list.

Kelli Williams (aka Sharkygerl): Mouthy and fun publisher of Twenty Bus, That Girl, and more.

Kris Kane: Harsh-tempered, kind-hearted, always talktive head of Menace Publishing and Manufacture. Publisher of Retard and Universal Citizen. On sabbatical.

Len Bruster: Resident critic of zines, alt.zines and anything but the Giants. On sabbatical.

Leon Briggs: leon
              sweet leon
              is alt.zines'

Marc Parker (aka Azmacourt): Opinionated and trouble-making asthmatic (to perpetuate a stereotype). Publisher of Azmacourt.

Marcia Manson: Timid poster scared into silence by the battles of Mark Ritter and Kris Kane. Publishes something.

Michael Dittman: Doesn't post much. Publisher of Global Mail.

Michelle Cross: Doesn't post much. Publisher of Adversaria and other things, owner of Crosspatch distro.

Mike Corman (aka Mcorman): Punk-leaning publisher of Infinity Plus One, owner of Infinity Plus One distro.

Ninjalicious (aka Ninj, Jeff): Trespassing lover of silliness. Publisher of Infiltration.

Paul T. Olson: Much-impersonated, never duplicated local character. Publisher of Goth Shmoth and Mars Needs Lawyers.

Peaceluvjoylaughtersmiles: Secretive type with a persona not befitting his or her e-mail address.

Peggy Swanson: Once-talkative, but increasingly reserved, maintainer of the alt.zines FAQ.

Rev. Randall Tin-ear: Occasionally drops in to lecture the group about its folly; usually swears never to return. Publisher of Angry Thoreauian.

Robert Howington (aka The Loser): You don't want to know. Former publisher of Losers Are Cool.

Sal: Opinionated but reserved. Publisher of Skull.

sarahfrances: Usually depressed, often hostile, always a lot of fun. Publisher of atmydesk.

Sean Guillory: Talkative, pensive owner of Primordial Soup Kitchen zine distro, and publisher of the Primordial Soup Kitchen zine/catalog.

Shaun Richman: alt.zines' ironically named resident socialist. Publisher of The Torch.

Stan Matters (aka smatters): Newsgroup reformer and spammer-taunter extraordinaire. Publishes something, but won't tell the group what. On sabbatical.

Stephanie Webb: Doesn't post much. Publisher of Crawfish!

Tim Campbell: Retired ASCII terrorist, who has now begun to spare alt.zines the assault of his newsletter The Last Word. Blamed for many of the anonymous posts to the group.

Troy (aka Xxenn): Doesn't post much. Maintains the Pariah Productions webzine.

Valerie Mitchell (aka val vasectomy): Ah, bitter youth. Publisher of Sick Day.

Vlorbik (aka Owen): Cynic who complains in the form of free-form poetry. Publisher of The Ten Page News and Indy Unleashed.

Vohzd: One-half of the intellectual, Troy-centric Think 3 institute. Publisher of Think 3 and Uncle Sam. On sabbatical.

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