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Until we come up with something better, this is what we call our group of people who want to review and discuss batches of thematically-related zines. Round one hasn't yet commenced so it's not too late to get in on the action; if you're interested, check alt.zines for the latest developments and ask someone there to add you to the list.

The first genre of zines we'll be discussing is work zines. According to the dictates of the Allyson Protocol, participants need to send their mailing address and $15US to our Central Person (C.P., in Zine Readin' Posse lingo) in order to pay for the zines and stamps needed to participate in Round One. The C.P. will then order the zines for everyone else and arrange for the publisher to send the zines to the appropriate locations. We figure this is the best way to save everyone time and money without ripping off the zine publishers.

Our C.P. for Round One is:
Cullen Carter (publisher of My Moon or More)
824 Orange St.
River Falls, WI 54022

The zines we'll be reviewing for Round One are the latest issues of:
PO Box 8213
Portland, OR 97207-8213

Guinea Pig Zero
PO Box 42531
Philadelphia, PA 19101

PO Box 11794
Berkeley, CA 94712

Temp Slave
PO Box 8284
Madison, WI 53708-8284

Working For the Man
PO Box 20403
Brooklyn, NY 11202-0403

Administrative details are discussed in e-mail; the actual discussions will take place on alt.zines.

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